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We have launched our MBA Programme in 1995 and it has been successfully operating over 20 years. The purpose of our MBA Programme is upgrading and polishing the managerial skills of the candidates so that they can explore their potentials and turn into excellent professionals.

We offer various courses which are continuously learning for you to develop your conceptual skills in applying economic and business concepts into practical business conducts. Since you join to our MBA Programme, you become the member of MBA society and have a chance to establish a strong network with successful business executives and entrepreneurs.


To be an internationally recognized programme in business education and research for helping to create a better Myanmar business society.


To develop socially responsible and competent business leaders who possess integrated skills, knowledge, and experience with global vision and local commitment.


  • To select graduates from various fields and train them in modern management and problem-solving skills and techniques that can be applied to business management;

  • To expose the candidates to all the functional areas of management and their interrelatedness through lectures, case discussions and field work;

  • To broaden the participants’ managerial perspectives with global thinking while remaining anchored in local socioeconomic and cultural realities, through local and international case studies, experiential projects, international exchanges, and study tours;

  • To transform the participants to be an engaged and inclusive team players through developing communication and networking skills;

  • To nurture the participants to be an ethical and socially responsible business leaders in promoting sustainable development of the economy.


Our graduates should have demonstrated abilities to:

  • Establish professional development and personal effectiveness goals to continuously demonstrate creativity and innovation;

  • Utilize appropriate procedures, frameworks, models, and experience to make better decisions in various business and managerial situations that lead to organizational success;

  • Be authentic leaders who can inspire and motivate people to achieve organizational goals;

  • Enhance integrative skills and knowledge in solving environmental and social problems of the society.

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